Oboenkoffer Ludwig Frank Oboenbau Berlin
Oboenkoffer Ludwig Frank Berlin

The brand name for exceptional quality – in perfect handcraft

The story of these instruments began at the workbench of H. P.Springer in Paffenhofen in the year 1986. Here he set about building his many good ideas into handcrafted instruments. From the beginning he was able to depend on three exceptional professional oboists for advice:
  • Günther Zorn, solo oboist from the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Berlin,
  • Klaus-Peter Gütz, solo oboist at the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig,
  • Christoph Hartmann from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Furthermore he received the support and sponsorship of the enthusiastic hobby oboist Claus Hipp. In 1989, Ludwig Frank, Master Craftsman of woodwind instruments, made aquaintance with Mister Springer and with his oboe, so striking with its enchanting sound. From 1991, Ludwig Frank, who was convinced of the unique nature of this instrument, worked together with Mister Springer, supporting and advising him. In may 1993, Ludwig Frank took over the responsibility for the production of these instruments, which continues to be manufactured by hand. By close and intensive cooperation with top class Oboists, such as Gregor Witt, Fumiaki Miyamoto, Bernd Holz, Washington Barella, Ingo Goritzki, Christoph Hartmann, Günther Passin and many others, he was able to achieve a balance of sound and intonation close to perfection, with the typical dark french charm and flexibility of these instruments. The instrument was furthermore completely reworked technically and was equipped with an elegant, easily handled but yet very durable mechanism. At last the breakthrough came for this instrument, with the acceptance in wide circles of top oboists in Germany as indeed world wide. The exceptional quality of these instruments is evident from the increasing number of enthusiatic performers on oboes by Ludwig Frank and it is by intensive contact with these, that this quality is continually being improved. Cooperation with the musicians and the limited production size enables really individual requirements to be fullfilled. Only selectes, well seasoned woods and the finest materials are used as:
  • Reed receiver of sterling silver
  • Gold plated mechanism holder, also when mechanism is silver plated
  • Gold plated octav vents, also when mechanism is silver plated
  • Intonation adjustment screws on all finger caps
  • Case made from breathable wood and finest nappa leather